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ScreenSkills HETV and film accounts industry transfer programme

Date2 April, 00:00 – 17 April 2022, 00:00
Hours48 hours
LocationVilnius, Lithuania
Price180 Eur
Application deadlineMarch 30
Targeted job rolesLocation manager, Production assistant

Participants will receive:

  • 3 weekends of intensive courses provided by the most experienced location manager in Lithuania, Jonas Špokas. Jonas Špokas is the CEO of the company “Baltic Locations” and has over 10 years of experience in the field working with such projects as BBC “War and Peace”, HBO “Chernobyl”, Netflix “Young Wallander” and “Stranger Things” among others. He is a member of Locations Managers Guild International (LMGI) and has been credited by the organisation with the award for the work done with HBO “Chernobyl” in 2019.
  • Better understanding of the film industry and various opportunities (not only in the sector of location management).
  • Understanding of skill-sets required to succeed in the film industry, the composition of departments and the role that the location managers provide.
  • Opportunity to be on the film set (if selected projects will be in production at the time).
  • Placement opportunities in production and location management companies.

What does location manager do?

Location manager is one of the key positions in the film production team. Location manager is responsible for identifying suitable locations for the project, coordinating and obtaining filming permits, as well as organising production’s logistics, service, as well as solving other issues that may arise on the film set.

Who is it for?

This programme is for individuals with a strong interest in the film industry and specifically finding the best possible locations for various local and international projects.

It is an opportunity for people with no experience in the film industry, but are keen to work in it and develop a career in location management. We encourage to apply people who have great interest in heritage sites, like to travel and are eager to work in international teams.


Day 1

  • Creative part of the work of the location manager (6 hours)
  • Presentation of participants. Course overview. (1 hour)
  • Description of the location manager’s work, main functions (1 hour)
  • Locations on the screen: what it is, how to find it. Collaboration with the film / TV art department. (2 hours)
  • Location search. Location photography. (1 hour)
  • Working with the location database (1 hour)

Day 2

  • Legal part of the location manager’s work (6 hours)
  • Location filming contract (2hrs)
  • Filming in a public place (2 hours)
  • Communication with location (1 hour)
  • Practical task (1 hour)

Day 3

  • Production part of the location manager’s work (6 hours)
  • Presentation, discussion and analysis of practical tasks (1 hour)
  • Technical location scout (2 hours)
  • Budget of the Location Department (2 hours)
  • Practical task (1 hour)

Day 4

  • Production part of the location manager’s work (6 hours)
  • Presentation, discussion and analysis of practical tasks (2 hours)
  • On-site security (2 hours)
  • Adapting locations to filming planning (1 hour)
  • Homework assignment (1 hour)

Day 5

  • Assessment of the practical task
  • Presentation, discussion and analysis of practical tasks (5 hours)
  • Location map (1 hour)

Day 6

  • Filming Day / Final Test (6pm)
  • The work of the location manager on the day of filming (2 hours)
  • Works of the location manager after the end of the project. (2 hours)
  • Final test (2 hours)

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill in the form provided here. We will ask you to provide information about yourself, how to contact you, your experience in the film industry and main expectations from the training course.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

Contact personDarius Sakalauskas