EXPO Cluster | Strengthening BF&CT Cluster Members’ International Competitiveness

The Strengthening the International Competitiveness of BF&CT Cluster Members project would help to address issues such as the lack of international visibility and export volume of the BF&CT cluster members operating in the Central and Western region of Lithuania.

The main objectives of this project are:

– To identify BF&CTC members operating in the Central and Western region of Lithuania, to promote their internationalisation, participation in international networks and clusters.
-Increase the awareness of the cluster and its products, promote the search for new export markets and the development of existing markets.

The expected outcome of the project is an increased international awareness of the cluster enterprises operating in the region, with a consequent increase in exports of the cluster members and an increase in international competitiveness.

The project will run for 2 years and is expected to end in 2026.

Total value of the project: 509 416,33 EUR
Amount financed: EUR 310 114,37

Project NR. 02-026-K-0016