A delegation of Lithuanian filmmakers represented by the cluster visited the IBC exhibition.

The IBC exhibition in Amsterdam is one of the most important content and technology events in the world. It brings together the global media, entertainment and technology industries, where attendees can see the most important technology news, share experiences and create business opportunities. This year, speakers and visitors from more than 170 countries are participating in the exhibition.

Baltic Film & Creative Tech Cluster delegation: Kino Studija, Vilnius film cluster laboratory, Kinolab, MADSTONE, OAK9 Entertainment, Kosmos Theatre.

Members of the delegation visited The Hague, where they met with a representative of the cluster partner Sound and Vision Museum in The Hague.

There was also a meeting with the Embassy of Lithuania in the Netherlands and His Excellency Ambassador Neil Tankevičius and commercial attache Julius Glebov. During the meeting, the opportunities and ambitions of the Lithuanian audiovisual sector to grow and increasingly exploit its huge potential were presented.

After the visit, we are sharing the #professionaldiscoveries of the members of the BF&CT Cluster delegation:

🟡 I finally managed to meet those who actually work with artificial intelligence (AI) and build its engines themselves. I am glad that we managed to meet and discuss the latest forms of its applicability and were actually surprised that the impressive “speech to text” engine already works perfectly in the Lithuanian language.

🟠 In addition to film cameras, lenses or audio recording equipment, a significant part of the exhibition was focused on technical and software advances in workflow. The platforms of Sony, Elements, Seagate, Google, Amazon companies were presented, which, with the help of artificial intelligence, help to sort and catalog visual material using facial recognition technologies.

🟣 I was interested in cameras that can be used both for filming a concert and watching city or football matches. It’s a camera that tracks everything. This is one camera that can read the time on your watch and how fast you are moving at a distance of over 500 meters. So, if you film stationary on the football field while the teams are not playing, the camera “understands” where, which and which trajectory the player is moving, the algorithms try to predict what the next steps of each player will be.

Project Nr. 03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-06-0006 “Baltic Film & Creative Tech Cluster new opportunities“ is financed by European regional development fund.