Baltic Film & Creative Tech Cluster delegation at the European Film Market

🎬 On February 15-21 Baltic Film & Creative Tech Cluster delegation visited European Film Market – EFM, one of the largest film fairs in the world! Here’s a glimpse into our intense days and enriching experience of all the team:

🌎 Our stand served as a representation of Lithuania and as a hub for fostering dialogue and idea exchange among our delegation, comprising esteemed members ARTBOX, IronCat, KOSMOS THEATRE, Dansu films, Smart Casual, Baltic Productions, and film industry professionals from around the globe. We thank Innovation Agency Lithuania for a chance to take part in this market and share the talents of Lithuania with the world.

💡As one of the leaders in the CresCine project, we were actively involved in workshops and market presentations. These sessions served as platforms not only for discussing the interim findings of our ongoing research in a useful and interesting manner but also for exploring the diverse film industry ecosystems across smaller European countries involved in this project, and identifying promising avenues for future implementation in participating countries.

⭐Throughout numerous meetings and discussions, our attention was directed towards fostering innovation within the CCI sector – especially immersive technologies. Together with the partners of Transmixr project, we actively engaged in European market immersive trend research, creation and networking, seeking to cultivate innovative ideas and start potential collaborations of the future.

🎞️ In Media City of Babelsberg, we had the privilege of exploring oldest and biggest film studio in Europe, where industry professionals, studios and the renowned Babesberg Konrad Wolf Film University are based. We extend gratitude to the organizers Tilo Schneider and participating companies for generously sharing their knowledge with us!

🤝Latvian-Lithuanian co-production at the Berlinale – premiere of the film “Maria’s Silence”. A collaboration between Lithuanian producers and our members Kęstutis Drazdauskas (Artbox), Justė Michailinaitė (Broom Films) and Latvian director Dāvis Sīmanis. The films timely message serves as a powerful reminder, earning it the prestigious Ecumenical Jury Award for its exploration of spiritual, humanistic, and social values. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! 🎉

We sincerely thank Inga Rovbutas for helping us organize all the meetings during the European Film Market and everyone else who contributed to the success of our experience!