Four Weeks Left to Apply for CREATHRIV-EU Grants: A Game-Changer for Small Creative Businesses in Europe

SME’s in Europe have just one month left to apply for grants through the innovative CREATHRIV-EU project. With a deadline of May 2, 2023, the project aims to support the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) by awarding grants for innovative projects and activities that address some of the biggest challenges faced by CCIs.

CREATHRIV-EU will focus on four key challenges: the diversification of products and services using digital technologies in the heritage, archives, and libraries sector; supporting the green transition of the audiovisual and multimedia sector, as well as performing arts; bridging the skill gaps in the CCIs workforce and promoting greater participation by women; and increasing business opportunities through internationalisation and value chain synergies.

Small creative businesses operating in the following sectors are eligible to apply: heritage, archives, libraries, audiovisual and multimedia, books and press, visual art, and performing arts. With this innovative initiative, CREATHRIV-EU aims to empower CCIs SMEs to drive growth, create jobs, and contribute to a more dynamic and sustainable European economy.

For more information on CREATHRIV-EU, including eligibility criteria and how to apply for a grant, please visit the call page: