First “ArtTech Forum Lithuania 2023” – an important and special meeting of art and technology

“Art and technology are two sides of the same coin”, on 8th of December, Tupac Martir, world-renowned developer, creative director and co-founder of Satore Studio, told to the “ArtTech Forum Lithuania 2023” participants and guests gathered in “Cyber City”, Vilnius. Organized by “ArtTech Agency Lithuania” in partnership with for the first time, the event brought together art and technology professionals and investors to hear how the fusion of art and technology is important for all sectors, what ArtTech success stories look like, what trends the sector is experiencing, and what the future holds for all its participants.

According to Agnesta Filatovė, CEO of ArtTech Agency Lithuania, ArtTech Forum allowed us to initiate a discussion and start cooperation. “We want to start building a community where we can all grow together and nurture an ArtTech ecosystem in Lithuania that is open and welcoming to both developers and investors, and that will create real cultural, social, economic and even historical change. I truly believe that Lithuania can be a model of success around the world, and all of our contributions – education, training, forums, accelerator programmes – can help to achieve this,” said A. Filatovė.

Vygintas Gasparavičius, Lithuania Vice-Minister of Culture, said that the importance, opportunities and risks of global digital transformation trends in the cultural and creative industries sector cannot be ignored. “We take ArtTech seriously as one of the ecosystems of the cultural and creative industries sector, which in the future can successfully address the problems and challenges of this sector and open up new opportunities for Lithuania in the global context”, he said.

From musical performance to specially commissioned ArtTech works

During the day-long ArtTech Forum, in addition to the conference, which featured presentations by the aforementioned T. Martir, visionary, next-generation technology strategist Odeta Jacė, founder Elena Lyubarskaya, Iron Cat CEO Paulius Juočeris, GLUK Media CEO Simas Chomentauskas, the event was moderated by Andrius Milinavičius, General Partner of Baltic Sandbox, and featured a highly popular exhibition hall with VR experiences, as well as the works of the digital artist Lukas Gecevičius, curated by superhow.ART, which were created specially for this event. And the musical performance of theater and film composer and sound designer Vygintas Kisevičius, who opened the ArtTech Forum, showed that the friendship between the two poles of art and tech is not only possible, but necessary.

“We are glad that the programme covered several areas – we heard the current global overview of the technology market and its impact on art, we learned about possible future scenarios and how to strategically prepare for them, and we were invited to look at the currently very popular topic of artificial intelligence from a different angle – through the prism of its artistic value,” said Filatovė. – Today, we have opportunities in Lithuania that seemed unattainable and impossible a decade ago. We have a wealth of international talent to be proud of, to learn from and to encourage, and a growing young audience that can no longer imagine their cultural experiences without technology,” she highlighted, adding that a platform has finally emerged to meet the huge demand in these sectors.

The project was partly funded by Vilnius City Municipality.