CRESCINE’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of the film industry across small countries in Europe and improve the circulation of films and AV content coming from small markets internationally.

CRESCINE’s aims to enhance the competitiveness and the cultural diversity of the European film industry. This will be achieved by understanding, engaging with, empowering, and ultimately transform European small markets setting out from research and piloting in 7 markets. In their “smallness”, these markets underline the challenges and drivers one must consider to increase the competitiveness of the EU film industry as all.

CRESCINE will address, systematically, the whole film production, distribution and consumption ecosystem. The aim is to innovate at all levels of the value chain, from policies to ways of data management and analytics, production business models and modes of distribution.

CRESCINE will develop novel tools, methods, and strategic approaches that all build on the concept of smallness and the positive affordances it entails for the overall competitiveness of the European film industry.

CRESCINE will address all expected outcomes of the call through the lens of exemplary European Small Film Markets which stand for the majority of film markets in the European Union.

CRESCINE will establish an innovative model of analysis and evidence collection across the value chain that is framed by cutting edge data analytical models, comparative benchmarks promulgated in light of best available evidence including unprecedented data sources. The findings will lead to work on innovative solutions and testing of new tools, policies, business models or financing schemes, and green strategies. These activities feed the overall impact of the project and its ability to produce new tools, recommendations, guidelines, and exploit results that nurture the transformation of the film industry in small European markets and beyond.

Project is funded under HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01

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