VENICE IMMERSIVE MARKET – a place where art meets technology

The Venice Production Bridge is an event where art and technology meet to lay ground for creative exploration and immersive experiences. In a recent visit to the Venice Immersive Market, the Baltic Film & Creative Tech Cluster delegation was a keen observer of combining art and technology.

The Cluster’s time at the Venice Production Bridge was marked by the exchange of ideas, immersive experiences, and conversations that transcended the traditional boundaries of art and technology. These days were filled with intriguing talks, enlightening advice, and a peek into the evolving relationship between content and form.

As the creative industry continues to evolve, the Cluster’s experience at the Venice Immersive Market serves as a reminder of the importance of being open to inspiration and embracing new perspectives. The event reaffirms that, in the dynamic landscape of immersive experiences, observing and learning are just as crucial as showcasing, and that the power of art and technology collaboration lies in the insights gained through immersive experiences and interactions.

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